Thursday, August 11, 2005

Picture the scene. It's the mid 90's at a nameless festival. The rain has been pouring for days and it's the Monday afterwards. Anyone with any sense has managed to get their vehicles out the day before and the few that remain are the die-hards, the tough nuts who can handle anything. Or so they think. I take a rest under a tarpaulin on the temporary sanctuary of a hay bale. A few moments later and I am joined by another bedraggled exhausted figure with a thousand yard stare. We share a moment like two warriors pausing amidst the madness of battle as we watch two tractors attempting to pull a half-tracked Armoured Personel Carrier out of the mud. We are amazed it has gotten stuck and the tractors strain inneffectively for a few moments before the mud gives up it's prize with a disgusted squelch. Losing interest my companion rumages in his backpack for a moment and begins to read the thin paperback he pulls out. Interested I look at the cover to see harsh uncompromising artwork and four words. I ask him if I could see it and he responds with some suspicion but it is allowed.

It's my first ever look at Sin City by Frank Miller and I am hooked. I only get a chance for a few brief glimpses before the tarp gives way and I, my companion, the comic and the hay bale are all soaked. Ruined, or at least the comic is, and I am forced to make my excuses and leave rapidly.

Flash to the present day.
I'm in a seedy bar on the wrong side of town. Someone offer's me a DVD at a "reasonable" rate. It's a good film he says, maybe the best he's seen and the quality is alot better than the last I had from him. I look at the case and see four words. I buy the DVD. I don't argue about the price or the quality of the films in the past - none of that matters now.

I watch the film that very night. It's something over two hours long and he's right. The quality of the copy is better. I remain staring at the screen for a long time after the film has finished. Then I press play and watch it again. He was right about another thing. It's the best film he's ever seen.

The comics (I have them all now) are dark, moody and more dangerous than a rattlesnake with a machine gun. They welcome a look into the darker side of mans nature and kick it in the teeth when it's done. The heroes are all anti-heroes (well, maybe not all) which just makes the villians even nastier. Possibly Miller's best ever work, he also had an awful lot to do with the movie which is why it doesn't disappoint on any level.

If you've never heard of Sin City and like comics - get it. It was re-released when the film was released back in April.

If you've never heard of Sin City and like films, watch it. It could be the best film you'll ever see.

DVD release date 16th of August with the full edit I believe due out around Christmas. I'll be buying both.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Inspired again by Nonoftheabove I bid you all a sound hello to FuzzBuck's Comic Blog. From Fleetway to DC, X-men to Lobo I read them all as a youth and still read 2000AD today. Then again with the advent of things like the Sandman series comics became widely recognised as an art and story - telling form in their own right. Rightly so, which justifies a grown man reading every comic he can get his hands on and passing on much experience to others in the form of reviews, links and so on in a sort appreciation blog I guess.